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Roku Issues and Solution by Roku Customer Service

Roku is a digital media setup box designed, developed and marketed by the Roku Inc. It works directly through the Internet. So, if you want to enjoy the features of Roku, then you must have the Internet.

For any product, service or billing related information you may contact to the Roku Customer Service.

Roku also encounters technical issues, some of them have been listed below with the solution.

Connection issue:

  1. Sometimes Roku is unable to connect with the Wifi, then to resolve this kind of issue check the signal of your router whether it is in the range or out of the range. To keep the signal strong, always keep the Roku device nearby the Router, and always try to avoid the interference. If you don't want any disturbance on the Roku then connect the device with an Ethernet Cable.
  2. Sometime to resolve this error, you have to reboot Roku device and Router too. To do the same, unplug all the devices for few minutes and then plug both the devices back. Then try to connect the Roku to the Router.
  3. Wifi error also occurs due to the incorrect IP address, to correct the same, go to the setting and change your network setting, it is always recommended to keep those setting in Automatic mode.
  4. If still, you are unable to connect Roku with Wifi, then contact the Roku Technical Support for the assistance. They work around the clock, so you can get their Roku Customer Service support anytime as per your need and convenience.

Poor Quality Video:

  1. If you have this issue, then the possible cause for the same is the low-speed internet.
  2. If you have connected multiple devices with the Router, then disconnect the unwanted device and hence your speed will increase and you will be able to view the Good Quality Video.

Remote Control breaks down or not working properly:

  1. First of all check the battery, if it drained then replace those batteries with the new one and then see whether the LED light in front of the remote is blinking or not if it is blinking then be sure your remote is working properly.
  2. Sometimes the problem occurs due to the pairing of Roku and Remote, so to pair it properly, Unplug the power cord from the Roku and wait for a moment, now plug the power cable with the Roku and start the same. For remote, remove the batteries and re-insert it again. Now from your remote press the black pairing button to pair the Roku with the Remote.

Roku is not Updated:

If Roku is Out of date, then it may encounter the problem, so to update the same, go to the Setting and select System Update, if any Update is available it will appear on your screen and then Update the same. This process will keep your Roku up-to-date.
For any technical assistance, dial now on Roku Customer Service Phone Number.



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