American Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to cancel flights in American Airlines

America has always attracted people from every nook and corner of the world. And that’s why a lot of people visit USA every year for which there are so many airlines operating their services. American Airlines based in Fort Worth, Texas is the largest airline operating in USA. In terms of flights, passengers as well as destinations, American Airline is not only ruling US but is largest airline in entire world. And if you ended up being lucky to book a ticket with American Airlines but unfortunately now have to cancel it because of some unknown reasons. Then you can easily cancel your tickets following American Airlines cancellation policy in easy steps mentioned below.

American Airlines Cancellation Procedure:

      1.Usually every airline’s cancellation process is just the same. Therefore for American Airlines firstly visit their official website.
      2.Tap on manage bookings or my trips.
      3.Once the web page loads tap on ‘cancel flight’ option.
      4.Enter your booking number, name and cancel you flight.

Once you know how to cancel ticket, one should also know about certain grounds on which tickets get cancelled. For finding out more one can refer to below terms and conditions.

American Airlines cancellation policies:

      1.Only tickets booked on official website or authorized other website can claim for refund after cancellation.
      2.If tickets booked today and cancelled within 24 hours of booking is subjected to full refund. Moreover the flight should at least be seven days from departure.
      3.If you are cancelling your ticket before three hours of departure or less, then there won’t be any refund from airlines.
      4.Also cancellation charges for both international and domestic flights are different.
      5.And if you have cancelled a non refundable ticket then your ticket would only be refunded if you have cancelled it within 24 hours of booking.

Hence before deciding to cancel your flight, you can refer to above information regarding American Airlines cancellation policy. Also for further information you can reach out to reservation help line and clear your doubts.


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